Guesstimates On Rental Prices For The New Normanton Park Condos

Normanton Park Condos’ Amenities to Provide a Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyle
New residential flat developments are recently emerging to the need of condo supply. Families want a healthy and comfortable lifestyle which is provided by these amazing and spectacular residential flat developments. Living in a harmonious and tranquil home is a fulfilling experience for every family. It ensures the social and physical welfare of each family member.

A new residential flat development is now open at Normanton Park to cater to every family’s needs. This is the new Normanton Park condos situated at One Normanton Park, District 05. It is developed by the Kingsford Development and has an area of 660,999 square feet. It is a 23-story building which offers easy access to different amenities. Here are the different amenities near the vicinity of the Normanton Park condos.

  • Three MRT stations are near the Normanton Park condos. These are Kent Ridge MRT, Pasir Panjang MRT and Queenstown MRT.
  • Traveling to work will not be a problem since this amazing residential flat development is near different bus stops such as Normanton Pk, Science Pk and OPP Normanton Pk.
  •  Normanton Park condos are also directly connected to Aye Expressway which provides easy access to Marina Bay for recreational picnic and unwinding.
  • There are also a lot of restaurants near the area such as Rochester Park, Portsdown Road, Alexandra Village and Pasir Panjang Food Centre which offers a myriad variety of traditional and foreign cuisines.

Estimates on Rental Prices for the Emerging Normanton Park Condos Normanton Park price varies depending on the area and the type of the condo unit one wants to buy. Considering the benefits and amenities Normanton Park condos have to offer, it is estimated that the monthly rental price of a two-bedder condo unit which measures between 500 to 850 square feet is approximately five Singaporean dollars per square foot.