Redefining Wood Stoves: The Uno 1 From North Fireplace

Norway has cold winters, heavy snowfall, icy winds and long nights. You can imagine the temperature your night will be. There’s a need for fireplace for every household is. Almost all Norwegians homes have this at their home to ease their cold.


In the year 1984, this company was established by Morten Henriksen, and their goal is to incorporate heritage and long traditions into their products specifically wood burning stoves and wood burning fires. They give warmth and is designed by the most advanced combustion technology. It has the finest standards in their production.

Nordpeis is the country’s largest supplier of fireplaces. They also produce inserts, firewall, ourdoor fireplaces, accessories and many more. Because of its innovative design, the company become big in the industry.

The Product

Their success is from their product’s quality, modern technology and innovative design. One of their products is Uno 1 fireplace. This design is simple and minimal. It offers many views from different sides because of its side glasses. This product also offers safety to the environment and its surrounding. It has clean combustion that do not add to the pollution. The production utilize wood efficiently.

When lighting the stove, it emits/release less particles into the environment which is good to your home. These modern wood burning stoves are recommended in connection to their global and local effects. It employs a double combustion system that enables the gases and other particles convert to heat efficiently.

Factors to consider when choosing the fireplace are namely:

  • size of the are to be heated
  • location
  • heating source

These modern wood stoves compared to traditional wood stoves are safer and more advantageous to use because of minimal smoke emissions, clean burning ability, less wood consumption, reduced risk of chimney fire and 90 % of the gases are transform into heat.