Why An Optical Bandpass Filter Is Perfect For Laser Applications

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What are Bandpass Filters?
Filters are used to block signals while allowing certain frequencies to pass through. Bandpass filters are widely utilized to pass frequencies within a certain range and at the same time reject frequencies outside that range. There are many uses for bandpass filters, specifically when it comes to laser applications.

Laser filters are used to refuse a wavelength while transmitting desired wavelengths for a variety of laser applications. They are designed using anassortment of substrates, coatings or a combination of the two to reflect a set of wavelengths, transmitting all other light. A laser filter also includes an optical bandpass filter. Bandpass filters in laser applications reflect a fraction of the wavelengths while transmitting all other light.

Why Use Optical Bandpass Filters for Laser Applications?
The following are some of the reasons why an optical bandpass filter is perfect for many laser applications. You can find more from many manufacturers that customize laser filters and suit their customers’ needs and unique specifications. To give you a clear idea why, read on to learn more about using laser bandpass filters.

  • Bandpass filters are perfect for different laser applications. They are ideal in transmitting laser light while suppressing ambient or lower intensity secondary laser lines.
  • In the medical industry, optical bandpass filters are used, such as in ophthalmology where vacuum-assisted laser technology and processes are being employed to develop innovative next generation imaging techniques.
  • Bandpass filters can be used in laser-assisted technology for retinal imaging.
  • Bandpass filters are ideal as detection filters that pass particular laser wavelengths and effectively eliminate the background.
  • They are also used as laser source clean-up filters.
  • Other applications include remote sensing, laser radar, rangefinding, and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.
  • They are environmentally safe and stable, even under a changing environment and temperature.

Optical bandpass filters can be used in distance meters for building construction.